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The Money Pal won’t teach you how to get rich quickly. In fact, we will do the exact opposite. Through our free articles, interviews, newsletter and social media platforms, we will teach you how to get rich slowly through the creation of a dependable stream of cash flow and capital appreciation when measured over the long term. Our writers, Jesse and Christian, (more on them below) do this with one this with one mission at the heart of everything they produce. To make investing wisdom go viral. But how exactly will we teach you to get rich slowly? Well, the answer to that is simple. Through the greatest wealth builder of all time, AKA, The Stock Market, or as we like to call it, the place where money goes to work. Scroll down to learn more about the Writers behind The Money Pal ⬇️

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Our writers are determined to break down barriers to the world of Finance and Investing so it's easily understood by the masses. To do that, we'll provide easily digestible content covering topics like Active Investing, Personal Finance & Investing Basics, Financial Independence (FIRE), Interviews with Finfluencers and Business Owners, Best Aussie ETFs, Best Investing Products and The Best Investing Books + Much More!

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Jesse Amato

Founder & Writer

Hi, I'm Jesse, but you can call me Jes for short (that's what my mates call me). I'm just your average Aussie guy passionate about making the world of investing easily understood by removing the ‘too hard basket’ stigma that surrounds it. That's why I started The Money Pal. My investing journey kicked off in 2015, after I picked up a copy of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ from my Dad’s old bookshelf. As Mr. Kiyosaki says, “Rich people acquire assets.” So as any impressionable 19 year old who only knew that assets were good and liabilities were bad would do, I listened to a mate who mentioned that ASX:SGH had nosedived from $8 to $1.30, and are looking really juicy. Nowadays, my brokerage fee exceeds the value of my ‘asset’ after copping a 99% loss. Since then, I managed to dust myself off and have become an avid follower of financial markets, long term investor and intend to continue adding to my financial tool-belt. I'm a firm believer that despite one's appetite for effort or risk, the practice of investing is something we can all implement into our lives.

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Christian Longhitano


Hi, I'm Christian, unlike Jes, i'm fine with Christian. I'd prefer to stick with what my Mamma gave me if you know what I mean. I'm a passionate and devoted financial writer. My love for finance originated during my time at University where I studied business, economics, and finance extensively. I'm keen on consistently improving my knowledge on investing and personal finance, whilst also making the topic more of a prominent talking point amongst Millenials. I'm in my happy place having a yarn about all things finance, fantasy sports, and my beloved Collingwood FC over a few independently owned craft beers.

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