About Your Pal

The Money Pal is an Aussie financial blog that’s all about making financial wisdom go viral by providing everyday people with actionable insights and tips.

Finance is a topic that is hidden away, rarely addressed in Schools and Universities, leaving the majority of people uneducated. The Money Pal is here to fill that void by providing relevant, accessible and practical information on taking care of your money and growing wealth.
In a world immersed in information and starving for wisdom, our goal is to provide you with the golden nuggets of knowledge to help you get on top of your money.

About Our Author & Founder – Jesse, 24.

Hi, I’m Jesse, but you can call me Jes for short (that’s what my mates call me). My passion is simple, I’m on a mission to make the world of investing easily understood by removing the ‘too hard basket’ stigma that surrounds it.

My love for finance flourished while studying at University in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, I’ve become an avid follower of financial markets and intend to continue adding to my financial toolbelt.

I’m a firm believer that despite one’s appetite for effort or risk, the practice of investing is something we can all implement into our lives.

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