Compare Online Fintech Investments

Keeping up with the numerous FinTech (Financial Tech) Companies popping-up around the world can be an exhaustive exercise.  But utilising technology to your advantage to find new ways to invest can be worthwhile. Traditional and alternative online investment vehicles from Fine Wine, Artwork, Loans, Farmland, Stocks, and more are readily available through FinTech. It’s just about finding what works for you.  

The tool below aims to simplify the FinTech overload by bringing some of the world’s best FinTech Companies into one place. Discover the tool’s various filters, reviews, and summary info on 97 investment and 27 trading platforms below. You can also check out the calculator, which incorporates your investable assets, risk tolerances, liquidity preferences, investment horizon and more to determine what Tech might be best suited for you.

As usual, it’s important to understand any products you’re considering thoroughly before making the decision to invest. Once you’ve made a decision, ensure you’re consistently re-evaluating your portfolio. An intelligent investment today may not be an intelligent investment in the future. To quote the great Peter Lynch, “Know what you own, and know why you own it.”

Hopefully this tool helps you uncover potential investment options that could work for you and compliment your portfolio nicely!